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Syria, Russia tries to take control of the port of Latakia

Russia seeks to take control of Latakia port There have been no reactions from Moscow to Israel’s attacks on pro-Iranian militias in the Syrian facility. In addition, actions are underway to expel them from the area. The Federation aims at the Mediterranean

Russia in Syria seeks to consolidate control over ports in the Mediterranean. Moscow already controls that of Tartus and is now trying to extend its influence to that of Latakia as well. In this regard, the Federation is exploiting Israel’s air campaign against pro-Iranian militias, which were hit right inside the infrastructure just a few days ago. In fact, Russian troops have begun to carry out joint patrols inside the port of Latakia with the army of Damascus (SAA). Furthermore, according to local sources, Moscow is trying to drive Shiite groups out of the area. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the strike by the Jewish state passed in absolute silence. Furthermore, a series of agreements have just been signed between Syrian ports and Crimea to increase economic ties and support tourism in the Middle Eastern country.

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