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Syria, Russia trains local allied militias against Turkey

Russia trains Syrian allied militias against Turkey. The objectives are to use them in case Ankara launches the new offensive in Kurdistan or to send them to Ukraine, where Moscow’s forces are starting to run out

Russia prepares its allied militias in Syria in case Turkey actually launches a new operation in Kurdistan along the lines of Peace Spring. It does so with targeted military exercises for local factions. The latest to be involved in the maneuvers is the 25th Division, led by Sohail Al-Hassan (aka “Al-Nimr”) in Aleppo, whose members parachuted into the Sabkha Al-Jobol area, south of Kowairas airport, and then reach the airport by land. The goal is twofold: on the one hand, to create a force capable of facing local fighters allied with the TAF in case Ankara would decide to launch the invasion. On the other hand, prepare assets to be used, if necessary, in Ukraine. In fact, Moscow is short of men. Those in the field are tired after months of non-stop war. Furthermore, replacements are insufficient and there has been a boom in defections, especially recently.

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