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Syria, Russia sends reinforcements fearing possible attacks also by Isis

Russia sends reinforcements to the north east of Syria. Objective: greater security in joint patrols with Turkey and to avoid possible ISIS attacks. Over 100 members of the Islamic State have fled the SDF prisons. Some went south, but others remained in the area

Chaos continues in northeastern Syria, despite the agreement reached between Russia and Turkey for the joint patrolling of the buffer zone and the consensual withdrawal of the SDF from the area. There is a high risk of violence, both due to the presence of the Ankara military and their extreme behavior and to the resurgence of Isis. So much so that Moscow has just decided to send reinforcements to the dial. According to sources from the Ministry of Defense of the Federation, reported by the local press, as soon as possible another 276 elements of the military police and various equipment will be deployed in the quadrant. In fact, possible Islamic State attacks are feared. This, thanks to the escape of over 100 Daesh members during the Peace Spring operation bombings. Numbers confirmed bt the US special envoy, James Jeffrey, who added that no one knows where they are now.

The Fugitives Daesh, however, are among the most dangerous jihadists and are reorganizing themselves. There is the risk that – in addition to the SDF – they will also begin to target the SAA, the TAF and the Russian troops

The fugitives Isis, however, are not mere fighters. But among the most dangerous jihadists. Not by chance were they locked up especially in al-Chirkin’s SDF prison near Ain Issa. Some militiamen of the Islamic State probably headed south and southwest to reunite with their comrades. Others, however, have remained in the area and are reorganizing. These are the ones that both Russia and Kurdish forces are most worried about, as they operate at the border of the buffer zone and therefore hitting them becomes complicated. Both for the Damascus troops (SAA), the Russian and the Turkish ones (TAF) and for Jazeera Storm. Moreover, signs of the growing danger have already been seen in recent days with an exponential increase in Daesh attacks. So far, IS has only targeted SDFs and the local population, but it is not certain that it will not target other targets in the near future.

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