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Syria, Russia sends a signal to Turkey for the possible offensive

Russia sends a signal to Turkey for the possible offensive. First Moscow air strikes in Idlib after two months. The target is the pro-Ankara militias. Meanwhile, the SAA attacks in the north of the province

Russia sends a signal to Turkey on the possible new military invasion in Syria along the lines of the Peace Spring operation. The Moscow fighters, after a two-month hiatus, again bombed pro-Ankara militia positions in Idlib. In particular, three strikes were carried out in Bayanin and Al-Ruwaihah in the southern area of ​​the province. In parallel, the Damascus army (SAA) attacked militiamen in Ma’arat Al-Naa’san in the north of the quadrant. The last air strikes in the area took place, as reported by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR), on 12 May and involved Muntaf, Kafr Lata and Maa’rzaf. Then they stopped, focusing only in the South-East of the Middle Eastern country and against targets linked to ex-ISIS militiamen. Turkey, however, recently pre-announced a new invasion into Syria, amassing troops and assets on the borders of Raqqa and Hasaka, sparking the reaction of the Kurdish SDF and the SAA, which have begun to work together to counter the possible offensive.

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