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Syria, Russia launches maxi air campaign against Isis in Badia

Russia has launched a maxi air campaign against Isis in the Badia desert. Objective: to provide support to the ongoing Syrian army (SAA) offensive to dismantle the IS pocket in the area

Russia has launched a maxi air campaign against Isis in the Badia al-Sham desert, east of Deir Ezzor. Objective: to help the Syrian army (SAA), which is unable to eliminate the IS pockets in the quadrant and continues to suffer attacks and ambushes by the jihadists. Moscow fighters have been at work for over four consecutive days to support an SAA operation on several fronts. There is talk of over 50 strikes from Raqqa to Jabal Al-Bishri, passing through Al-Masarab. Damascus also sent reinforcements to the area and increased vigilance over the Mayadeen director. According to local sources, the army’s mission is to put an end once and for all to the presence of the jihadists in the Aleppo-Raqqa-Hama triangle, by trying to close and isolate them with a pincer manoveur.

Meanwhile, Turkey is increasingly aiming for the M4 from Idlib to Kurdistan

Meanwhile, Turkey continues to demobilize the no longer strategic observation points between Aleppo and Idlib to channel all available forces to Zawiya. The last to be closed is one who was in Al-Sorman. The internal TAF, as in the previous cases, were all sent to the posts near Barah. Ankara, in fact, does not want the SAA to conquer the city and get too close to the M4. This is to maintain freedom of movement along the highway and create a direct route to the north of Syrian Kurdistan. Not surprisingly, in the past few hours its allied militiamen have attacked the SDF near Ain Issa, trying to infiltrate the village of Maalak, and then get to the M4. The attempt, however, was thwarted.

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