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Syria, Russia is at war with Iran over recruiting in the East

Russia is at war with Iran over recruiting in eastern Syria. The Eighth Brigade opens an office in Palmyra and its emissaries meet with tribal leaders to persuade them to enlist their young men. In Hasaka, the focus is on NDF

Russia intervenes to stop Iran’s expansion into eastern Syria. It does so by opening an Eighth Brigade recruiting office in Palmyra, in the Al-Ba’ath Party district, near the Damascus intelligence local headquarters. Objective: to remove personnel from the Shiite militias, offering those who enlist better economic conditions and additional benefits. Among these there is also a sort of amnesty. In this regard, Brigade emissaries were also sent to local tribes to speak with the elders and persuade them to authorize their men, especially the young, to apply for admission. As an additional gift, the envoys bring with them food and medicines to donate to local villages. Similar initiatives are also underway in Hasaka. Here, however, the goal is different: to get members of the National Defense Forces (NDF) to work for the interests of Moscow.

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