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Syria, Russia intervenes in Idlib to prevent militia attacks on the M4

Russia intervenes in Idlib to prevent militia attacks on the M4. Raid in Jisr Shoghur on a jihadist weapons depot. Turkey could not act to avoid jeopardizing the truce with Damascus

Russia begins to intervene in Idlib to clean up the M4 from militia threats. In the past few hours, Federation fighters have bombed an ammunition depot of jihadists in Gassainye, near Jisr Shoghur, in the southern area of ​​the Syrian province. Objective: to prevent possible attacks by local groups, both against joint patrols with Turkey on the highway and against the army of Damascus (SAA) further south. It is the first time since the beginning of the truce that Moscow intervenes directly on the artery, having so far entrusted the TAF with the task of ensuring its safety and the passage of military convoys. The attack was necessary because the SAA is nearby and it’s needed to avoid actions by Turkish soldiers that who could somehow endanger the already fragile ceasefire agreement.

Meanwhile, the population is increasingly in the hands of HTS, which tries to replace in all ways the recognized authorities

Meanwhile, a new internal security threat faces Idlib: that of the population. The approximately 30 refugee camps of al-Qataa al-Gharbi, near the border between Syria and Turkey, have denounced the stop of the arrival of food aid, due to the expiration of contracts with humanitarian associations, never renewed by local institutions. This meant that the Qaedist militias, in particular Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), took advantage of this to proselytize and increase their weight in the province. The system is simple: in the face of deliveries of minimum quantities of basic necessities, strengthened by strong media coverage, HTS aims to accredit itself as a recognized authority. Furthermore, it feeds the divisions between rival groups and does not hesitate to counteract, even with violence, any protests. This mix, however, makes the situation increasingly incandescent and increases the risks of escalation.

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