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Syria, Russia holds first military exercises in Qamishli

Syria, Russia holds first military exercises in Qamishli. Moscow flexes its muscles with live ammunition to maintain the truce in Kurdistan and avoid new clashes between the SAA and the SDF

First military exercise for Russia in Qamishli, northeast of Hasaka. In the past few hours, the Federation troops have simulated some maneuvers in the southern quadrant of the city of Kurdistan. The operation, conducted with real ammunition, also saw the participation of helicopters. In fact, they repeatedly flew over the villages of Jam’aya, Khaled Kulu and Qarrah Hasan, near the border between Syria and Turkey. According to several analysts, Moscow wanted to give a muscular demonstration to discourage possible attempts of attacks or violations of the truce in the region. The deterrent message would have been addressed both to the Damascus Army (SAA) and to the Kurdish SDF fighters, who clashed violently at the end of April.


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