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Syria, Russia freezes joint patrols with Turkey in Kurdistan

Russia freezes joint patrols with Turkey in Kurdistan. Moscow does not want to get involved in the conflict between Ankara and the Kurds. Meanwhile, the TAF intensifies raids against the SDF command and control centers and sources of supply

Russia has halted joint patrol activities with Turkey in northern Syria. The cause is the escalation of violence in the quadrant, fueled by Ankara’s Claw-Sword operation, which involves from Kobani to Qamishli and which has the formal objective of neutralizing the PKK in the area. According to local sources, the Moscow military does not want to risk being involved in the conflict between the TAF and the Kurds, which has so far been limited essentially to air raids and artillery attacks, but which could soon involve troops on the ground. Not surprisingly, Turkey has intensified its strikes to eliminate the command and control centers of the SDF near the border and possible sources of supply for their first line of defence. In fact, even if there are no official confirmations, the land maneuvers could start as early as the first days of December.

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