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Syria, Russia blocks Turkey’s offensive in Saraqeb “on the ground”

Russia enters the front line to block Turkey’s offensive. Federation military police units have been deployed in Saraqeb, while fighters and the SAA bomb Spring Shield units

Russia in Syria enters the field directly on the front line to block Turkey’s offensive. Federation military police units (MP) have been deployed in Saraqeb, the city contested by the Spring Shield operation and by the Damascus army (SAA), strategic for both sides as a key access point to get to Idlib and Aleppo. The Moscow soldiers were stationed in the center and secured the M5 road artery, which from the north of the Middle Eastern country reaches Hama. In addition, Russian fighters attacked Ankara allied para-military units in Sarmin and Afes, to ease pressure on the province border. The SAA, however, attacked the TAF base in Maarat Alia and Neirab with artillery. The latter, finally, responded with air raids on enemy positions on the outskirts of Saraqeb.

The arrival of Russian troops in Saraqeb is a very direct signal for Ankara: you must stop. Great expectations for the meeting between Putin and Erdogan, work is underway on a truce

The arrival of Russian troops in Saraqeb, about a day after the long-awaited meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow on March 5, is a very clear signal for Turkey. It must stop. The only unknown is the conditions for the truce. Ankara will obviously try to maintain the buffer zone in northern Syria. Damascus, on the other hand, aims to take control of Idlib, driving out rebel groups and jihadists like Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), often supported by the neighboring country. A middle solution will probably be considered. That is, to maintain a sort of buffer along all borders, but in parallel to allow the Assad regime to conquer the strongholds in the province.

The game for Erdogan is complicated with the entry into the game of NATO and the US. It is increasingly difficult for the Turkish president to maintain balance

In the game on Syria between Russia and Turkey, however, an unexpected element entered the surprise: the US. Special envoy for the Anti-Isis Coalition and the Middle Eastern country, James Franklin Jeffrey, said Washington will provide Spring Shield operation with ammunition, equipment and intelligence information. This is because Ankara is a NATO partner. In addition, it was announced that the request by the Erdogan government for Patriot systems is being considered, despite the fact that it had acquired Moscow’s S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems. In fact, the Atlantic Alliance and the United States are reaching out to its member, but they are making it more difficult than it already is. Erdogan has always played on all tables, to maximize “profits”. To do so, however, he must maintain a balance, which instead risks breaking precisely on his initiative. In fact, this campaign was judged a serious mistake by everyone.

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