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Syria, Russia begins to mark Turkey tightly in Aleppo

Russia begins to mark Turkey tightly in Aleppo. Third joint patrol in less than a month

Russia has begun to tightly mark Turkey in Syria and especially east of Aleppo. In the past few hours there has been a joint patrol between soldiers from Moscow and the TAF in the Kobani area. The convoy departed from the village of Ghraib, on the border between the two countries, and passed through Karbnav, Kosek, Alishar, Jom Ali, Kurtek, Koubik Satin, Tirry, Tel Hajib, Kabajiq Saghir, Tillk, Boztebeh, Qara Mogh, Jaishan , up to Kharabisan Fouqani. Once the activity was over, the eight Federation vehicles returned to their base in the “Radio Area” west of Ain al-Arab. Those from Ankara, on the other hand, headed for the border. The patrol is the third that took place only in April.

Moscow wants to prevent the TAF and the allies from attacking the SAA and the SDF, but these go to counterattack in Kurdistan

The increase in joint patrols confirms that Russia wants to closely monitor the movements of Turkish troops to prevent them from violating the truce with Damascus and the Kurds. Not surprisingly, the quadrant where the mixed convoy went in recent days had been the scene of clashes between the Syrian army (SAA) and pro-Ankara militias. Moscow is less and less tolerating the incursions of the TAF allies in Kurdistan and has repeatedly warned Ankara of the need to ease tension in the region. Despite this, the attacks and ambushes of the SDF continued. These, however, had so far maintained an exclusively defensive posture. Recently, however, they have adopted an aggressive one in response to provocations, even trying to infiltrate enemy territory. The tension in the area, in fact, is rising rapidly.

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