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Syria, rival militias target HTS leaders between Idlib and Aleppo

Rival militias target HTS leaders between Idlib and Aleppo. Attack on one of al-Jolani’s bodyguards. The smaller pro-Turkey groups are increasingly desperate and ready to do anything not to disappear

The leaders of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) between Idlib and Aleppo are a target in the internal war between the pro-Turkish Syrian militias. In the past few hours, a member of the escort of the HTS leader, Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, was injured following the explosion of a bomb placed on his vehicle. The man, who is named Abu Hussein and was hit near the village of al-Tawameh, was immediately transferred to a hospital in the area. The attack is yet another sign that the tension in the dial is rising rapidly. The other groups close to Ankara are, in fact, more and more desperate and do not hesitate to raise the bar to receive the resources necessary for their survival. Especially now that Iran has also begun to recruit the local population, offering “off-market” conditions for local actors. They fear, therefore, of disappearing if they do not reverse the trend soon.

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