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Syria, rebels in Idlib raise their shot on Turkey: a bridge on M4 destroyed

The rebels in Idlib raise their shot against Turkey: a bridge over the M4 has been destroyed. Objective: to prevent joint TAF-Russian patrols from passing. Jihadists need immediate support against SAA pressure and coronavirus

Relations between Turkey and militias in Idlib are increasingly tense. In the past few hours, local jihadists detonated a bridge in Jisr Shoghur along the M4. Objective: to prevent joint patrols between the TAF and the Russian military from passing. So far, however, there have been threats of attacks and protests by the population with roadblocks and burning tires. The rebels raise the bar to order the “partner” to immediately resume the support, almost totally interrupted following the truce signed between Ankara and Damascus, which has frozen the Spring Shield operation. The militiamen, in fact, are doubly in difficulty. On the one hand, they are suffering increasing pressure from the regular army (SAA) and Russian forces. On the other hand, the arrival of the coronavirus in the Middle Eastern country risks weakening their defenses, making them easier prey. As a result, they need help immediately.

Damascus steps up efforts against COVID-19 and Russia sends aid. Meanwhile, the UN and ICRC are calling for a total truce in Syria to face the pandemic, especially in Idlib

Meanwhile, Damascus continues to attack rebels between Hama and Idlib while increasing efforts to deal with the coronavirus. By the way, Russia intervened and is sending equipment, doctors and machinery to Syria. As Reuters reports, an ambulance and other cargo is arriving on board the Dvinitsa-50. Instead, the UN and the International Red Cross (ICRC) are calling for a ceasefire across the Middle Eastern country to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading. The fear is that an outbreak that is difficult to control, especially in Idlib where millions of vulnerable people live following the war between the SAA and the rebels, will break out. This situation, however, has already forced Turkey to close its borders with the province and to minimize the movements of its troops in the province.

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