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Syria, pro-Turkish militias in the north begin to lose control

The pro-Turkish militias in the north are beginning to lose control. After the HTS purges in Idlib, internal clashes arrive in the al-Hamza Division. Everyone is fighting for Ankara’s aid, increasingly scarce

Pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria are beginning to lose control. First, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) launched a purging campaign in Idlib against rival factions considered dangerous. Then groups of the al-Hamza Division fought each other for hours in the Afrin area. The internal war between the TAF allied formations, as expected, is experiencing a rapid escalation. Ankara, in fact, has further reduced the already meager aid it sends to local “partners” and which is distributed exclusively by HTS, which decides who to “reward” and who to “punish”. This has unleashed a ferocious war, even within the same groups, for survival, further exacerbated by the increased pressure from the army of Damascus (SAA) and Russia. Now it is feared that this silent conflict, hitherto managed with difficulty, will become uncontrollable. In particular with the arrival of winter, which will reduce the availability of resources throughout the Middle Eastern country.

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