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Syria, pro-Turkish militias in Idlib and Aleppo begin to implode

Pro-Turkey militias in Idlib and Aleppo begin to implode. Internal clashes between local groups, which do not enjoy aid from Ankara such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, increase

Pro-Turkey militias in Idlib and Aleppo begin to implode. In the past few hours there have been violent clashes between the Al-Hamza Division and Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah, near Beza’a. According to local sources, one group tried to rob a vehicle belonging to the other, sparking a rapid escalation. This, however, is only the latest in a series of similar incidents that have recently occurred in the two Syrian provinces. The cause of the growing nervousness is linked to Ankara’s lower support for local formations, which is moreover concentrated almost exclusively on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). As a result, the minor militias are hostage to HTS and have no qualms about sticking together to steal resources needed for survival.

HTS, however, controls less and less the jihadists annexed. This is confirmed by the growing distrust of Ankara and the boom in attacks recently suffered

The situation in Aleppo and Idlib is rapidly deteriorating in terms of security. Ankara, in fact, is mainly focused on creating a Maginot Line in Zawiya to block the Syrian army (SAA) offensive towards Barah and has left the internal management of the area to HTS. The Qaedist group, however, is no longer able to control the opposing militias that it has annexed over time. This is confirmed by the recent raids against Turkish troops and jihadists by commandos aboard motorcycles which took place in Idlib. In addition, the TAF themselves trust HTS less and less. So much so that they have just installed video surveillance systems on the M4 to independently monitor and protect themselves from possible attacks.

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