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Syria, pro-Turkey militias try to finance themselves with kidnappings of civilians

Pro-Turkey militias try to finance themselves with kidnappings of civilians. They are formally arrested for supporting the Kurdish administration, but the only goal is to raise cash thanks to false bails. Boom of the phenomenon in Aleppo

The pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria ran out of money and to recover resources they launched a campaign of arrests / kidnappings for the purpose of ransom. In recent days, episodes of this kind have been multiplying, especially in Aleppo. Local inhabitants are taken from their homes on charges of supporting the Kurdish autonomous administration and are only released when their families pay some sort of bail. The phenomenon is rapidly expanding throughout the quadrant and involves various guerrilla groups, a sign that the lack of funds is now endemic. Moreover, despite having cut resources, Ankara expects the militias to take the front line in Afrin and Sere Kanye in view of a possible offensive against the SDF and the Damascus army (SAA), which Russia instead seeks to avert in all the ways. The lack of money, however, could push the allied factions of the TAF to irrational actions.


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