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Syria, pro-Turkey militias plunder antiquities in Kurdistan to auto-finance

Pro-Turkey militias plunder antiquities in Kurdistan to auto-finance. Excavations resume at Nebu Huri, in the Afrin area, in search of archaeological finds to be resold on the black market

The pro-Turkey militias in Kurdistan, short of resources, try to steal archaeological finds to “make money”. A group of fighters allied with the TAF began excavating at the site in the area of ​​the Nebi Huri fortress in Afrin. Objective: to find antiques to resell on the black market to pay wages to members of the formation. The excavations, however, were masked by works to create a fish farm. In recent days, moreover, there had been further activities of this type at the Roman amphitheater in the Syrian province. The smuggling of artifacts into Afrin began in 2019, when pro-Turkish militias invaded the quadrant. But then it almost stopped. Instead, recently due to Ankara’s cut in aid to local factions, it has resumed at full speed also thanks to the complicity of some traffickers, who operate between Syria and Turkey.

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