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Syria, pro-Turkey militias intensify pressure in Kurdistan

Syria, pro-Turkey militias intensify pressure in Kurdistan. Third infiltration attempt in Sayda (Ain Issa) in as many days, stopped by the SDF. It is feared that Ankara, thanks also to the new bases, prepares a maxi offensive

Pro-Turkey militias intensify pressure in Kurdistan. In the past few hours there has been the third infiltration attempt in Ain Issa in as many days. A commando tried to enter Sayda village, but was intercepted by the SDF. Then a long-distance battle broke out, lasting several hours. This sudden acceleration of raids is of concern, as in parallel there is also an anomalous increase of the TAF bases in the Syrian region. It is feared, in fact, that Ankara is planning a maxi offensive to take control of the M4. It is no coincidence that Damascus has just sent reinforcements to the quadrant and Russia, after having also established a new base there, is digging a large trench along the highway. The goal is to reduce the opportunities for contact between the militiamen and the Kurdish forces, so that the truce is preserved. Meanwhile, the tension continues to rise.

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