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Syria, pro-Turkey militias continue to loot archaeological sites to raise cash

Pro-Turkey militias continue to loot archaeological sites in Syria to raise cash. The epicenter of the excavations, disguised as road works, is Aleppo and the devastation could increase in the event of an invasion of Kurdistan

Pro-Turkey militias in Syria continue to loot archaeological sites to raise cash. The latest to be targeted is A’h-Dam, in the Afrin area (Aleppo), completely vandalized to search for hidden treasures to be sold on the antiquities black market. In the days before the script had been repeated in Hamo (district of Jindires). The excavations, however, are disguised every time by theoretical road works. The smuggling of artifacts into Afrin had begun in 2019, when allied factions of the TAF had invaded the quadrant. But then it almost stopped. Instead, recently, due to Ankara’s cut in financial aid, it has resumed at full speed and has expanded, also thanks to the complicity of some traffickers, operating between Syria and Turkey. Moreover, these activities could further increase if the announced Turkish offensive in Kurdistan materializes.

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