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Syria, pro-Turkey militias clash with each other again in Aleppo

Pro-Turkey militias clash with each other again in Aleppo. Battle between Sultan Murad and other factions of Jaysh Al-Sharqiyyah for control of the Dersam hospital area and nearby resources

New chapter of the internal war between the pro-Turkish militias in Syria: this time the protagonists are the Sultan Murad and other factions belonging to Jaysh Al-Sharqiyyah. There was a violent clash between the allied groups of the TAF in the hospital area of Dersam in Afrin (Aleppo). Formally, the reasons for the battle are unknown. In reality, however, local sources reveal that the two formations faced each other to determine who should have control of that quadrant and therefore “benefit” from the resources it offered. The area, where there was also a sanctuary, is in fact considered “rich”. This is only due to the fact that the population that inhabits it is well-off and that the shops and the nearby shopping center are well supplied. It is confirmed once again that the pro-Ankara militias in the region, with the exception of HTS, are now willing to do anything to ensure their survival in some way.

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