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Syria, pro-Turkey militias are making cash with archaeological finds

Pro-Turkey militias are cramming archaeological finds in northern Syria. Mass destruction of sites in Aleppo is underway, from Afrin to Al-Jouz. Pro-Ankara groups use bulldozers and jackhammers to find treasures to sell on the black market

Pro-Turkey militias in northern Syria hunt for artifacts to raise cash after Ankara cuts their aid. In the province of Aleppo, looting is underway at many archaeological sites, from Afrin to Al-Jouz, west of Marjeh. Some groups have started illegal excavations near a temple on the road between downtown and Barijah. Others destroyed the archaeological remains on the Ain Diba hill. The guerrillas, in fact, to search for treasures employ bulldozers, pneumatic hammers and heavy machinery, destroying everything they do not consider “of value” in order to dig deeper in the hope of finding something. The exhibits are then sold on the black market and cross the border into Turkey to be sent to final buyers.

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