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Syria, pro-Turkey militias also target Russia in Ain Issa

Pro-Turkey militias also target Russia in Ain Issa. Attacks on a Moscow base and patrol on the M4. It is confirmed that Ankara aims to take control of it to arrive in Kurdistan

Turkey’s allied militias raise the bar on the M4 in Kurdistan, coming to attack a Russian patrol and base in the eastern area of ​​Ain Issa. This, combined with the bombing of Kurdish cities and raids against the SDF in the north of the Syrian region and the build up of the TAF in the Zawiya quadrant (Idlib), confirms that Ankara aims to take control of the highway to the east. Furthermore, according to local sources, transfer of mercenaries to Rojava through the Qazlatba airport and civilian vehicles is being organized. The destinations would be Tal Temer, Zarkan and Serenkaniye. The rumors, however, currently do not find official confirmation. Instead, it is certain that in the last few days there has been an escalation of violence throughout the quadrant, even if it suddenly stopped. The tension, however, remains sky high.

Meanwhile, the SDF try to find the infiltrators and Isis jihadists from Ain Issa to Deir Ezzor, passing through Raqqa

Meanwhile, the SDF reacted by starting a series of roundups from Ain Issa to Raqqa. Objective: to find the cells of pro-Turkey militiamen and Isis jihadists who have infiltrated the area. In the past few hours, Kurdish forces have carried out dozens of arrests, especially in the villages of Hazemah and Tal Al-Samn for various charges. These range from the possession of weapons to espionage in favor of Ankara and allied jihadists, passing through IS membership. The maneuvers started as soon as the clashes further north ended and are still ongoing. Moreover, parallel operations also involved Deir Ezzor. Here, with the support of Inherent Resolve, the aim was to dismantle terrorist groups and neutralize their chain of command in the Syrian region. Not surprisingly, three fundamentalists, including a commander, were captured in the latest raids in Abriha.

Photo Credits: North press Agency

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