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Syria, pro-Turkey militiamen target Russia in Kurdistan

Pro-Turkey militiamen target Russia in Kurdistan. The Guardians of Religion attack a Moscow base north of Raqqa

Pro-Turkey militiamen in Syria begin to target Russia. In recent days, a patrol of Federation soldiers had been attacked. Then, a commando of the Guardians of Religion (Horas al-Din) carried out a bomb attack on a Moscow base north of Raqqa. The structure, however, was fortified and consequently withstood the explosion of a vehicle packed with explosives. According to local sources, the jihadists hid in some villages in the Ain Issa area, from which they fled after the failure of the operation. The toll of the attack is mixed. Some media reports that there would have been causalties among Russian forces. Others, however, who are not dead or injured. Now it’s waited the response from Moscow which, in all likelihood, will come through the intensification of air raids in Idlib and throughout the north of the Middle Eastern country.

Horas al-Din, traditionally linked to al-Qaeda and operating in Idlib, attacked Russia in Syrian Kurdistan from Ain Issa. Does the group now act as the armed wing of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)?

The interesting fact is that traditionally the Horas al-Din terrorists, born from a group of militiamen who had dissociated from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), operate west of Idlib and only occasionally between Hama and Latakia. Moreover, up until now, they had never gone as far east as Kurdistan. On the other hand, the internal war between the Guardians of Religion and HTS seems to have recently abated. The latter, in fact, not only no longer arrest the members of the rival group, but have also begun to release them. This suggests a sort of agreement between the two formations, in which the former has become one of the armed wings of the latter, which coordinates the pro-Turkish para-military forces. In this case it would explain the attack on Russian soldiers and the presence of the commandos in Ain Issa, linked to Ankara’s attempts at expansion through the M4.

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