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Syria, pro-ISIS jihadists try to impose zakat in the Raqqa area

Pro-ISIS jihadists try to impose zakat in the Raqqa area. Militiamen extort money from truck drivers in rural and remote areas. In Syrian urban centers they would not be able to defend themselves. It is a sign that the operations of SDF-Inherent Resolve are working

The Islamic State in Syria tries to impose zakat on the population in the Raqqa area. Objective: to survive. In the last few days there have been at least two episodes in which militiamen have extorted local truck drivers. The modus operandi is always the same: to stop vehicles in remote or isolated areas and impose the payment of the ritual offering, in money or subsistence items, under the threat of weapons. Fundamentalists do not strike in trafficked areas, as the risks of running into enemies, which they would not be able to counter, are too high. Instead, they focus on rural ones, less beaten by Kurdish forces and therefore less protected. The sudden increases in extortion suggest that pro-ISIS jihadists are now in dire straits in Eastern Syria and that, consequently, the latest SDF and Inherent Resolve operations to dismantle their logistic and support networks in the quadrant have had success.

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