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Syria, pro-Iranian militias attack Maghaweir Al-thowra in the DCZ

Pro-Iranian militia attacked Maghaweir Al-thowra in the deconfliction area (DCZ) south of Syria. The raid has been foiled, but others are feared with the excuse of hunting Islamic State jihadists who target SAA bases

Pro-Iran militants carried out an incursion against Maghaweir Al-thowra in the deconfliction zone (DCZ) south of Syria, on the border with Iraq and Jordan. The local paramilitary forces, however, repelled and forced them to flee causing them several losses, also thanks to some raids of Inherent Resolve. Moreover, it seems that Russian planes then bombed them further once they left the DCZ. At first it was believed that they were Isis jihadists or members of the Damascus army (SAA). But then intelligence reports found that they were pro-Tehran militiamen. There is no confirmation, but they could be part of the group that recently disengaged from the bases west of the Euphrates to hunt the cells of the Islamic State in the Badia al-Sham desert. This was due to the boom in Daesh attacks against their and the SAA installations in the quadrant.

Meanwhile, the SDF set up courts in the east to judge Daesh militiamen. Objective: to empty the camps of jihadists, who represent a real threat to security, especially for the population

Meanwhile, the SDF east of Syria are preparing to set up the courts to try ISIS militiamen and foreign fighters. This was necessary, as the Kurds repeatedly asked the international community to create an ad hoc Tribunal against the crimes of the Islamic State. So far, however, apart from the words, there has been no fact. In addition, in the region there is a need to empty the prison camps (especially Al-Hol) from the thousands of Daesh jihadists and their families. This, as they are a real threat to the local population and a time bomb, which could unexpectedly complicate the fight against Daesh. In fact, in recent times there have been various attempts by jihadists to free their comrades. Fortunately, the return of Inherent Resolve in the enhanced version of the dial has clearly improved the situation. The risk, however, remains.

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