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Syria: pro-Iran militias, under attack in Deir Ezzor, seal Abu Kamal

The pro-Iranian militias, after undergoing a mysterious air strike in Abu Kamal, lock down the city. The PMF, with morale on the ground for the Coronavirus epidemic and the continuous raids suffered, fear new attacks

Pro-Iran militias in Deir Ezzor sealed Abu Kamal after an airstrike that killed 29 members. In the beginning it was believed that it was a US retaliation after the attack on the Taji base in Iraq, which caused three deaths among the Coalition soldiers and several injured, but Inherent Resolve denied that there were raids in the south of the Syrian province. Having hit specific targets in the Syrian city, such as the bases and deposits of weapons and ammunition, the guerrillas fear that someone might have provided the enemy with information from within. Following this, in addition to lock down the city, a sort of mole hunt was started to identify any spies. The PMF lately are nervous and with morale on the ground. Both for the continuous attacks suffered and for the numerous contagions of Coronavirus among their ranks.

Meanwhile, Turkey is still threatening Damascus to reactivate Spring Shield in Idlib. But in the meantime Ankara finalizes with Russia the details for the joint patrol of the buffer zone on the M4. Erdogan and Putin also discuss the implementation of the truce

Meanwhile, Turkey continues to threaten Damascus to activate the Spring Shield operation in Idlib again. After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has also warned that breaking the truce unilaterally will result in Ankara resuming its maneuvers. In parallel, however, everything is ready for the start of joint patrols (March 15) of Russia and the TAF along the buffer zone on the M4. Akar himself confirmed this, stressing that a broad agreement was reached. Erdogan also had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on the implementation of the ceasefire. Indeed, it appears that further initiatives are being studied which the parties could discuss shortly. The SAA war against the rebels, however, proceeds quickly without slowdown, especially between Hama and Idlib and east of the Syrian province.

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