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Syria, pro-Iran militias try to protect themselves from Israel

Pro-Iran militias in Syria try to protect themselves from Israel. The leaders of Tehran’s allied groups meet in Deir Ezzor to find a solution to the raids by the Jewish state against arms and missile depots

The leaders of pro-Iran militias active in eastern Syria met in Deir Ezzor to discuss how to reposition forces and missile-weapons depots to prevent them from being destroyed by Israeli and foreign raids. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) denounces it, underlining that both local Iranian and Lebanese leaders would participate in the meeting. Furthermore, in the previous days, the allied groups of Tehran had trained to launch modified missiles in the Mayadeen area. The militias are increasingly nervous, as the Jewish state has recently increased strikes in several quadrants of Syria to neutralize any possible threat to its territory. The latest occurred last week and targeted some sites near the military airport in Aleppo.

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