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Syria, pro-Iran militias try to expand towards Kurdistan

Pro-Iran militias try to expand towards Kurdistan. Groups close to Tehran open a base east of Aleppo. Formally against the Islamic State. In practice, to extend Shiite influence in eastern Syria

Pro-Iran militias try to expand towards eastern Syria. According to local sources, groups close to Tehran have just set up a new base in Habbouba. This is located between Khifsa and Maskanah, on a hill near the Euphrates where on the other side of the river is the area controlled by the SDF. Inside the structure, it seems that weapons and heavy equipment, numerous guerrillas and communications equipment have already been placed. The new base is also close to that of the Syrian army (SAA) and Russia in Khan Al-Sha’r, built in March. Formally, its purpose is to improve operations against the Islamic State in the quadrant. In fact, Iran aims to extend its influence in the eastern region. It is no coincidence that only a few days ago a maxi campaign was launched in Deir Ezzor to recruit local inhabitants in the Shiite factions. Moreover, the offer is characterized by strong economic incentives and bonuses such as free medical care.

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