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Syria, pro-Iran militias transfer weapons and missiles inside Mayadeen

Pro-Iran militias move weapons and missiles into Mayadeen. Objective: to prevent Israel or the US from destroying stocks west of Deir Ezzor, in response to recent attacks on Inherent Resolve

The pro-Iran militias in Deir Ezzor fear strikes by Israel and the United States after the latest attacks on Inherent Resolve bases in the eastern area of ​​the province. This, despite having recently placed their bases near those of the Syrian army (SAA). In the last few hours, as a result, they have begun to move their reserves of weapons, ammunition and missiles from al-Mazare ‘into Mayadeen and place them in densely populated neighborhoods. In particular in the “16th street” area. In this regard, in recent days the Shiite guerrillas allegedly seized some residential buildings. Local inhabitants now fear being used as human shields by militiamen and tension is mounting in the quadrant, with several people who have already left the neighborhoods at risk.


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