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Syria, pro-Iran militias suffer a drone attack in Deir Ezzor

Pro-Iran militias suffer a drone attack in Deir Ezzor. Some weapons and ammunition depots in Abu Kamal neutralized. Every attempt to hide them, even in densely populated neighborhoods, fails

Pro-Iran militias have suffered a severe attack on the Iraq-Syria border. Some of their posts in Abu Kamal were hit by unknown drones. In particular, the raid targeted warehouses and depots of weapons and ammunition, which were seriously damaged. The paramilitary forces recently relocated their assets in the villages and towns along the road from Mayadeen to Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal), but their movements were vain. Despite the efforts to reinforce the posts and hide them in densely populated areas, in fact, they continue to be destroyed with targeted strikes, without any collateral damage. The guerrillas also try to transfer the stocks elsewhere, as confirmed by the columns of vehicles arriving on the places hit by the missiles to recover what was not lost, but new deposits are discovered and neutralized every time.

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