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Syria, pro-Iran militias strengthen anti-air defenses in Mayadeen

Syria, pro-Iran militias strengthen anti-air defenses in Mayadeen. The pro-Tehran groups fear responses from the US and Israel to the continuing provocations at Deir Ezzor. But the tactic to soften Washington on nuclear power is risky

Pro-Iran militias west of Deir Ezzor reinforce the defenses around Mayadeen. Objective: to avert air strikes by Israel or the United States, in response to the constant provocations of terrorists, who attack the Inherent Resolve bases in eastern Syria with rockets. In recent days, Hezbollah took over from Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas at a military post near the archaeological site of al-Shabli, installing an anti-aircraft defense system and a rocket launcher. The same script, however, was repeated in other areas around the city. This suggests that the provocations by the militias will continue. The disruptive actions, which also extend into Iraq, aim to press the United States to soften positions on the negotiations related to Iranian nuclear power. Tehran, however, must be careful. In fact, it risks obtaining the opposite effect and unleashing an American air counter-offensive, which the militias would hardly be able to counter.

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