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Syria, pro-Iran militias seize houses in Palmyra to turn them into HQ

Pro-Iran militias seize homes in Palmyra to turn them into HQ. Objective: to have FOBs from which to manage the periodic SAA offensives against the former ISIS in the desert, reducing the risk of ambushes

The pro-Iranian militias of Liwa Fatemiyoun in Homs have seized a complex of four houses in Palmyra. Formally, due to the fact that the owners would have been linked to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a Qaedist group allied with Turkey and with influence above all in Idlib. In fact, according to local sources, this was an excuse as the buildings served the faction as headquarters. This is to have a base from which to launch attacks against the Islamic State in the Badia al-Sham desert. So far, in fact, the periodic offensives of the Syrian army (SAA) supported by Russia and the militias have started from Deir Ezzor or Raqqa. Furthermore, only the soldiers of Damascus could count on a sort of Forward Operating Base (FOB) within the area of ​​operations. The allied formations, on the other hand, had to go back to resupply and the units were exposed to the continuous ambushes of the former Isis jihadists.

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