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Syria, pro-Iran militias recruit middlemen to silently expand their presence

Pro-Iran militias are recruiting middlemen to silently expand their presence. Men from Deir Ezzor sent to other areas of the country to buy real estates. 78 already acquired in Madaan and Raqqa

Pro-Iran militias in Syria are adopting a new tactic to silently expand their presence in the country: They recruit men in Deir Ezzor to use as middlemen to buy buildings, shops and land across the Middle Eastern state. This was reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The system is the same as that already seen in Ghouta, where intermediaries were sent to Rif Dimashq to deal with properties. The practice, however, seems very aggressive, so much so that since the beginning of July 78 units have already been purchased in Maadan and the surrounding areas, as well as in the Raqqa quadrant. The tactic is one of the three pillars of Tehran’s broader strategy: the other two are recruiting civilians in armed groups, thanks to high wages and benefits, and relocating weapons and ammunition within residential areas in major cities, to reduce the risks of the warehouses being bombed.

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