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Syria, pro-Iran militias prepare a maxi offensive against HTS

The pro-Iran militias prepare a maxi offensive against HTS. Huge reinforcements are on the way to Kafr Jum, Nubl and al-Zahra ‘. They will attack the Qaedist group south of Idlib and west of Aleppo. What will Turkey do?

Aleppo may soon be embroiled in a violent battle between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and pro-Iranian militias. The latter have just sent huge reinforcements of men and vehicles to the area. The convoys mainly arrived in Kafr Jum, Nubl and al-Zahra ‘. According to local sources, moreover, more will arrive in the coming days. It seems that a maxi offensive is in sight together with the Syrian army (SAA) to oust HTS from the western quadrant of the province and from the area around Saraqib, on the border with Idlib. The maneuvers should start shortly. To launch them, only the end of the battles in Daraa was expected, in order not to run the risk of having to distract forces. It remains to be seen if and how Turkey will react to events. Ankara continues to be an ally of HTS, but recently cut aid to the Qaedist group. Probably, the TAF will deploy Bayraktar TB2S drones, but will not intervene on the ground.

The maxi offensive in northern Syria has a double objective: on the one hand to exploit the growing weakness of HTS and on the other to ease the pressure on the fighters from the former ISIS and the mysterious drones

The move has a dual purpose. On the one hand, exploiting the growing weakness of HTS, due to the escalation of internal conflicts between pro-Turkey militias, to deal a severe blow to the Qaedist group. On the other hand, the aim is to lighten the pressure on the pro-Iranian forces themselves, which continue to suffer mysterious air attacks without being able to react and ambushed by former ISIS jihadists in the Badia desert. So much so that there are increasing cases of fighters fleeing towards the eastern quadrant of Deir Ezzor, under the control of the SDF. Not surprisingly, all the reinforcements in Aleppo come precisely from that area, which for the moment is kept under control by Russia with continuous strikes against the Islamic State. The troops should attack on two fronts: south of Idlib and west of Aleppo.

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