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Syria, pro-Iran militias increasingly pressured by unknown drone strikes

Pro-Iran militias in eastern Syria are increasingly pressured by unknown drone strikes. The latest one occurred on the border between Deir Ezzor and Iraq. Tehran’s allied factions have low morale and escalate escapes to SDF territory

There is no peace for the pro-Iranian militias in eastern Syria, increasingly under pressure in the area due to a wave of unknown drone strikes. The latest occurred in recent days in al-Katef, near Abu Kamal (Deir Ezzor) and targeted some para-military force posts on the border with Iraq. There is no information on possible victims, but the strikes have been confirmed by several explosions, visible even from a long distance. Furthermore, on 27 September, a similar raid led to the destruction of some missile launch platforms of the militias in al-Mazare ‘(Mayadeen). On that occasion, 12 fighters were also injured and transported to al-Shefaa hospital. The intensification of the mysterious air campaign has determined the morale of the troops, local and foreign, to collapse, also causing several escapes of members of the pro-Tehran factions to the East, in the area controlled by the Kurdish SDF.

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