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Syria, pro-Iran militias in Deir Ezzor turn mosques into headquarters

Pro-Iran militias in Deir Ezzor turn mosques into headquarters. The tactic adds to that of transferring weapons from Iraq and hiding them in bases close to Russian or SAA ones. The goal is to escape Israeli air strikes

Pro-Iran militias in eastern Syria have adopted a new tactic to escape Israeli airstrikes: hiding their command centers in mosques. The latest is that of al-Tamou in Mayadeen (Deir Ezzor), theoretically transformed into a “hosayniya”, a place for religious commemoration ceremonies. In practice, however, it has become the headquarters of the Tehran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in the area. Furthermore, the inhabitants of neighboring houses were driven out, presumably to use the buildings for military purposes. The use of mosques is only the latest ploy of the Shiite paramilitary groups in the quadrant against the raids of the Jewish state. In recent days they had transferred weapons and equipment from Iraq, hiding them in new bases very close to those of Russia and the Syrian Army (SAA).

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