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Syria, pro-Iran militias go to train in Tehran

Pro-Iran Syrian militias go to train in Tehran. Meanwhile, Hezbollah replaces the leaders with trusted men from Lebanon. Objective: to create a directly controlled private army

Pro-Iran militias in Syria send their men to train in Tehran. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) denounces it, underlining that the members of the “Al-Duwaihi” group have moved to the Islamic Republic to participate in indoctrination, military and technical courses. Nor is it excluded that the formations could be used to support the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) to counter popular protests in the Middle Eastern country, which show no signs of easing despite the increasingly ferocious repression by the local authorities. Moreover, in the meantime, Hezbollah is replacing the leaders of the allied Syrian militias, putting trusted people from Lebanon in their place. From the elements that have emerged, it seems that the Shiite leaders want to create a real army in the neighboring nation, which has the same standards as their and over which they can exercise direct control.

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