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Syria, pro-Iran militias develop tunnels in Mayadeen to escape Israel

Pro-Iran militias develop tunnels in Mayadeen to escape Israel. They exploit the networks dug by the former ISIS when it was in power in Syria. Objective: to hide the weapons and missiles from the eyes of the satellites and the F-35s of the Jewish state

There is unusual activity of pro-Iran militias in eastern Syria. Local sources report this, specifying that the most intense movements are recorded in the Mayadeen area. In fact, it seems that works are underway for the construction of several underground tunnels in the quadrant, exploiting the network dug by the former ISIS jihadists when they were in power. Officially they will connect some depots to facilitate the transport of goods, but in reality it is believed that they will be used to move and store weapons, ammunition and missiles, away from enemy satellites and above all from the continuous Israeli air raids. The pro-Tehran groups hope to take advantage of the “distractions” caused by the war in Ukraine to extend their influence in the area, even to the detriment of Russia, and strengthen themselves. It is not clear, however, whether the attempt will work. This is because all the previous expedients adopted proved ineffective against the F-35s of the Jewish state.

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