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Syria, pro-Iran militias continue to provoke the US in Deir Ezzor

Pro-Iran militias continue to provoke the US in Deir Ezzor. New missile attack on Al-Omar (Conoco) base. Tehran’s tactic to soften Washington on nuclear power, however, could have the opposite effect

The provocations by pro-Iran militiamen against the United States in Syria continue. In the last hours there has been an explosion near the Al-Omar (Conoco) base in Deir Ezzor, which seems to have been caused by a missile. On July 7, the Inherent Resolve military intercepted a hostile drone, which took off from Mayadeen and in the previous days the same base had suffered an attack with several rockets. The Coalition and the SDF reacted immediately, bombing the point of origin of the launches and carrying out targeted raids, but the aggressions did not stop. According to local sources, an escalation authorized by Tehran is underway, which wants to increase the pressure on the US both in Syria and in Iraq, so that Washington softens its positions, especially in relation to the nuclear negotiations. This tactic, however, risks having the opposite effect. Furthermore, it could trigger an air raid response, which the Shiite militias would hardly be able to counter.

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