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Syria, pro-Iran militias continue to move weapons from Iraq

Pro-Iran militias continue to move weapons to Syria from Iraq. It is the second cargo transferred in a few days to the Mayadeen and Deir Ezzor bases, located near Russian infrastructures. Pro-Tehran groups fear Israeli raids

Pro-Iran militias continue to transfer weapons from Iraq to eastern Syria. In the past few hours, a new load of weapons and equipment has arrived at the bases of the Shiite para-military forces in Deir Ezzor. These, passing through the Abu Kamal crossing, were sent to Al-Shabli near Mayadeen and on the outskirts of Deir Ezzor, at facilities close to Russian installations. These are mainly machine guns, ammunition and short-range missiles. The medium range ones, along with other types of armaments, had instead been moved from the neighboring country in recent days. The pro-Tehran forces have decided to quickly transfer their arsenal to a “safe” area, as this was no longer protected in Iraq and at the same time there has been an increase of Israeli air strikes, which in recent months have been more frequent.

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