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Syria, pro-Iran militias arrive south of Damascus

Pro-Iran militias arrive south of Damascus. The Sayeda Zainab area is now a Shiite majority. The guerrillas want to continue expansion in the country and ensure the safety of families

Pro-Iran militias in Syria expand their presence south of Damascus. In recent days, convoys have been seen arriving in Sayeda Zainab with family members of SAA allied guerrillas on board. They got out of the vehicles and took over some houses. Previously, buildings in the Babilla district south of Rif Dimashq had been occupied. Now the whole quadrant is inhabited by the wives and children of pro-Tehran commanders, while the local population has been forced to move elsewhere. The choice of the neighborhood was born for a twofold objective: political / strategic and security. On the one hand, the militias want to continue expanding the Shiite influence in the Middle Eastern nation and on the other to protect their family members, removing them from areas of conflict with the Islamic State (which is increasing its influence west of Deir Ezzor), as well as from the risk of being hit by periodic Israeli raids.

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