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Syria, pressing on Daesh at Deir Ezzor starts again. Raid on Baghuz Fawqani

The SDF at Deir Ezzor, after the end of the sand storm, resume the offensive against Isis. Raids at Baghuz Fawqani. Damascus, instead, is preparing for mass attacks at Daraa and Idlib

The SDF at Deir Ezzor have started to advance again against Daesh, after the sand storm which hit the province was over. The forces of Jazeera Storm have targeted the Islamic State at Baghuz Fawqani, with the air support of the US-led Coalition. The air fighters of Inherent Resolve, as a matter of fact, in the past hours have struck various Isis placements in the city, which is situated in front of Abu kamal (Al Bukamal), on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. The jihadists, taking advantage of the meteorological phenomenon, lined up several shooters who aimed at the Syrian army (SAA) on the other side of the river as well as the Arab-Kurdish fighters. Many of these, however, thanks to the raids were neutralized. Damascus, instead, is preparing to launch maxi offensives against the militiamen and the rebels at Daraa and Idlib. The forces are on the ground, ready to move and achieve their goals. They are just waiting for the order from the government.

Meanwhile, the UE is extending by a year the sanctions to the Syrian regime

In the meantime, the European Union has extended by another year (till June 2019) the sanctions to the Syrian regime. The motivation is given by the constant violent repression of Damascus against the population. As a consequence of this, 259 physical and 67 legal persons have been forbidden to travel in the UE and the assets kept in Europe frozen. Moreover, the embargo on petrol, the restrictions on some of the investments, the freezing of funds of the Bank of Syria in the Union, continue and also it has been forbidden to import in the middle eastern country, equipment or techniques, as they could be used to implement the internal repression and monitor internet and telephone conversations. Till now there have been no comments by the government of Bashar Assad, but they will certainly arrive soon. Damascus will reaffirm the unfairness of the measure, pointing out that they are fighting against rebels and terrorists like Daesh, to restore peace in the country.

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