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Syria, popular protests against the SAA break out in Deir Ezzor

Popular protests against the Syrian government break out in Deir Ezzor. Local civilians ask for the intervention of the SDF and Inherent Resolve to expel the soldiers and militias from the cities west of the Euphrates

Damascus has another problem in Deir Ezzor, besides Isis: the local population. Hundreds of civilians west of the Euphrates organized demonstrations to ask the SDF and Inherent Resolve to free their cities from government control and pro-Iran militias. They did so with billboards, with writings against the Syrian executive and asking for help from the Arab-Kurdish forces. The latest initiative was held in Maamel, but there had already been some in several inhabited centers. The common perception is that IS in the quadrant is still active and poses a real threat. The Syrian army (SAA), in fact, despite various operations has not yet managed to neutralize the terrorists. Indeed, it has aggravated the problem by imposing badly viewed rules and prohibitions, as well as becoming the protagonist of several episodes of theft or gratuitous violence.

The Syrian army (SAA), instead of solving the problem of Isis in the quadrant, has aggravated it. Furthermore, the IS militiamen have launched a new offensive against the military

Meanwhile, Isis continues to attack the positions and convoys of the Syrian army from Suknah (Homs) to Abu Kamal (Deir Ezzor). According to local sources, IS has launched a new offensive against the SAA, which will continue in the coming days. Damascus is trying to react, sending more reinforcements to the area and asking Russia for help in identifying the jihadist bases. Not surprisingly, the Federation fighters even a few hours ago carried out a long reconnaissance mission in the quadrant. So far, however, despite all efforts, the militia cells in the Badia al-Sham desert have not been defeated. The protests also aggravate the situation. This is because the local population is increasingly nervous and terrorists could hide among the demonstrators to carry out attacks.

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