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Syria, Phase 2 of Deterrence of Terrorism against Isis ends

The second phase of the anti-Isis Deterrence of Terrorism operation has ended. In a few days SDF and Inherent Resolve arrest 31 militants of the Islamic State between Deir Ezzor and Hasaka

The second phase of the SDF and Inherent Resolve anti-Isis Deterrence of Terrorism operation in Eastern Syria ended in a few days. The maneuvers, which began on July 17, involved Deir Ezzor and the south of Hasaka and started at the request of local tribal chiefs, who denounced an increase in attacks by the Islamic State in the quadrant. The epicenter was Basira, Shahil, Al-Zir, Al-Zubian and Al-Hawij. Objective: to dismantle the cells and the logistics and support networks for the Daesh militiamen in the area. During a series of raids, 31 jihadists were arrested, including a high commander. In addition, Kurdish forces have seized numerous weapons, equipment and explosives. A strong contribution to the offensive, however, came from the population, which provided the military with information on the hiding places of terrorists and their movements, facilitating their identification.

The campaign against Daesh leaders in Eastern Syria, however, continues at full speed

At the same time, however, the silent hunt of ISIS leaders continues in eastern Syria. The SDF and Inherent Resolve in the past few hours have arrested another one, always in the usual way. A targeted raid by the special forces, on which no details were provided. In all likelihood, as in previous cases, the commander of the Islamic State was transferred to another location for questioning. The information he will provide, together with that obtained in previous operations – including Deterrence of Terrorism – will be used to continue the campaign and identify new targets among the top Daesh ranks. The goal, in fact, is to neutralize the terrorists’ chain of command so that their operational capacity collapses. Both in Syria and in neighboring Iraq.

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