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Syria, other SAA reinforcements in Aleppo in view of a new war with Turkey

The Syrian army (SAA) sends further reinforcements to Aleppo in view of a new war with Turkey. Damascus deploys armored vehicles, tanks and special forces in Tel Rifaat. Ankara and allied militias amass forces on the other side of the front line

The Syrian army (SAA) continues to send reinforcements north of Aleppo, fearing an offensive by pro-Turkish militias and TAF. In the past few hours, convoys of armored vehicles, tanks and SAA soldiers have arrived in Tal Madeeq, Tal Zouyan and Tal Jijian. Previously, Damascus had sent numerous Fourth Division special forces assets and units to the Menagh military airport. In addition, all licenses for military personnel of all ranks have been suspended and there is an order to keep themselves in a state of maximum alert. In particular in the Tel Rifaat area, where Turkish drones have dropped leaflets, where there is a threat to neutralize the Kurdish SDFs stationed in the city and the population is invited to “collaborate with the Turkish forces before it is too late”. On the opposite side of the front line, Ankara and the militias are also amassing huge forces and testing the enemy’s defenses with small sporadic raids.

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