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Syria, ongoing anti-Isis SDF maxi operation between Shaddadi and Markadah

The SDF launched a maxi operation between Shaddadi and Markadah to dismantle an Isis cell, which had recently infiltrated Deir Ezzor. So far, at least 30 Islamic State militiamen have already been arrested and the maneuvers are continuing

Maxi SDF operation to dismantle an Isis militia cell at Deir Ezzor. Jazeera Storm is making widespread maneuvers between Shaddadi and Markadah to block a large group of Islamic State elements, which had recently infiltrated the area. So far at least 30 have already been arrested, but the activities continue. It is not clear if the jihadists were headed to Iraq or if they were fleeing from the neighboring country, following the operation Victory Will (Irada al-nasr) launched by the ISF a few days ago. Certainly they have been surrounded and Syrian fighters are cleaning up every single village and center in the quadrant, to avoid possible escapes or counterattack attempts by Daesh terrorists behind Arab-Kurd forces.

Meanwhile, Daesh continues to attack the Syrian army (SAA) in the Deir Ezzor desert. The jihadists are trying at all costs to open up new routes to the east

Meanwhile, Isis in Deir Ezzor continues to launch attacks against the Syrian army (SAA). In the past few hours contacts with a group of soldiers of the 17th division, who were in the desert of the province, were lost. According to local sources, the military would have been ambushed by militants. The Islamic State tries in every way to open up new routes to the east, the only way out of the country, and to do so it does not hesitate to hit the SAA units along the way. In fact, these are not only an obstacle, but also a resource. Once destroyed, in fact, they are plundered by Daesh jihadists. Their goal is to cross the Euphrates and go on to strengthen the cells on site, hiding among the population to avoid being discovered by the SDF.

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