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Syria, new troubles for pro-Turkey militias in Idlib

New troubles for pro-Turkey militias in Idlib: the headquarters of the Sham Legion in al-Foa have been looted. No claims, but it is believed to be the work of HTS, which has declared war to Ankara

New troubles for pro-Turkey militias in Syria, targeted by rivals especially in Idlib. In the past few hours, someone in al-Foa broke into the headquarters of the Sham Legion, linked to Ankara, stealing vehicles, weapons, ammunition and other equipment, without the jihadists reacting. Formally, the operation author are unknowns, but it is believed is the work of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a local Qaedist group, that has long declared war on the presence of the TAF in the province and on joint patrols with Russia on the M4. HTS, which enjoys the support of part of the population, is climbing the top in the quadrant and aims to become leader in the area, at the expense of the other formations. The raid, in fact, could be the last chapter of an internal war, which began with the arrest of members of rival groups and continued with clear distances from the partnerships with Turkey in an anti-Damascus key.

Meanwhile, Isis is increasingly afraid of the coronavirus. The SDF and Inherent Resolve manage to stop an insurrection by the Daesh militants that broke out in one of the largest prison in Hasaka

Meanwhile, the coronavirus emergency is increasing the risks of an escalation in Syria. If in Idlib and in the neighboring regions it brought about a substantial reduction in fighting, the situation is different in the southeast. The covid-19, in fact, does not scare only local inhabitants and institutions, but also Isis. It is no coincidence that a riot broke out in the past few hours in one of the SDF camps in Hasaka, among the largest in the region. The Kurdish forces, after almost a day of mediation with the militants of the Islamic State and thanks to the intervention of Inherent Resolve, managed to silence the alarm. However, the “copycat” effect is feared. That is that the Daesh jihadists and their families, locked up in the other prisons in the quadrant, attempt similar initiatives. In particular in Al-Hol, the largest detention center in the east of the country, where keeping security in a “normal” situation is already difficult.

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