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Syria, new strategy for the SAA and allies against the Islamic State in Badia

New strategy for the Syrian army (SAA) and allies against the Islamic State in Badia. Pro-Iran militias and soldiers reopen old desert bases to approach IS safely. The latest is in Palmyra. Meanwhile, Russia keeps enemies busy with raids

The Syrian army (SAA) and allied militias adopt a new strategy against the Islamic State in the desert between Raqqa, Homs, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor: to create fortified and equipped bases from which to launch raids against jihadists. This is because the current ones are too far from the hot areas and consequently allow limited operativity. Several old SAA structures in the quadrant have been reactivated in recent days, including a base near Palmyra. A group of Liwa Fatemiyoun, a Shiite militia close to Iran, has settled here and is using local labor to renovate old buildings and adapt them to new needs. In particular in terms of security and defenses against possible surprise attacks by terrorists. In addition, equipment and supplies are on the way to make it fully operational as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Russia is keeping the fundamentalists busy with targeted bombings. In the past few hours there have been over 70.

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