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Syria, new signs that Turkey has targeted Ain Issa

New signs emerge that Turkey has targeted Ain Issa. Ankara reduces further the flow of water from the Euphrates to Syrian Kurdistan and builds bases in the area. A new Peace Spring operation is feared

New signs that Turkey has targeted Northeast Syria, after the situation in Idlib and the M4 appears to be normalizing. First of all, Al Arabiya reports that Ankara has again cut water in Kurdistan, reducing the flow of the Euphrates for the second following week. This will create great problems for the population, both for the supply of electricity and for the irrigation of the fields. In addition, the TAF have begun to fortify some buildings in the Ain Issa area. Local sources speak of schools turned into headquarters. So far five have been built in the villages of Hoshan and Kafila. In addition, 33 military posts have sprung up out near Qizali, Sharkrak and Khirbet Fares. Intelligences and SDF fear that a new Peace Spring operation will be prepared and that the times are near. Damascus itself, in fact, sent reinforcements to the SAA deployed in the dial.

Damascus, meanwhile, tightens the offensive against militias in Idlib. Objective: to take Barah. Pressure increased on villages in the quadrant with SAA attacks, bombing and rocket launches

Damascus, in addition to carefully monitoring the evolution of the situation in Ain Issa, also tightens the offensive against the rebels in Idlib. In the last few hours, in fact, there have been violent clashes between the Syrian army and the militiamen on the axes of Fleifel and Ruwayha. In addition, the SAA launched missiles on Kansafra, Barah and al-Muzarra (Jabal al-Zawiya). Finally, the villages of al-Fateera, Sufouhn and Fleifel were bombed. The goal is to conquer Barah, a strategic city as the main roads leading to Aleppo and Hama pass through it. Having control of it, therefore, will significantly reduce the jihadists’ room for maneuver on the two lines and in parallel will increase trade between the province and the rest of the country.

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