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Syria, new seizure of Captagon destined for Isis

New seizure of Captagon destined for Isis in Eastern Syria. The SDF arrest a trafficker in Raqqa with 18,000 pills for IS militiamen from Badia to Deir Ezzor

Isis suffers a severe blow in Eastern Syria. The SDF arrested a drug trafficker in Raqqa, who was selling Captagon tablets (phenethylin or the fighter’s drug), destined for jihadists from the Badia desert to Deir Ezzor. In the targeted raid, 18,000 tablets were seized, crammed into envelopes with a particular logo, which will be useful for tracing the wholesalers and the distribution network. This, however, is identical to the one on the maxi load of 450 kilos of pills unearthed by Maghaweir Al-Thowra in Al Tanf at the end of January 2020. Even then it was destined for the militants of the Islamic State in the quadrant. The consumption of the drug is very popular in the group due to its characteristics: it is a stimulating amphetamine that induces a sense of invincibility. It doesn’t make you feel tired or hungry or even hurt.

Covid-19 has increased the use of amphetamines among the jihadists of the Islamic State, even with deception

Isis jihadists have recently increased the consumption of Captagon and its derivatives. In fact, the Covid-19 emergency has joined the growing pressure suffered due to the SDF and Inherent Resolve. The virus has already claimed several lives in the various Islamic State groups in eastern Syria and continues to spread rapidly within them. IS leaders, however, cannot cure the sick or isolate the infected. So, as long as they can, they make them fight by drugging them with amphetamine. Then, when they are no longer useful, they abandon them. Moreover, according to local sources, there are also commanders who deceive the militiamen, making them believe that amphetamines are drugs against the pandemic. This is to make sure that everyone takes them without objection. Consequently, the seizure creates a serious problem for the operational capacity of the terrorists and their leaders, who will have to find alternative channels to obtain medicines.

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